Mojave Rail wins Fred and Harriet Cox Award

Mojave Rail Fabrication Limited is an emerging manufacturing company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. On May 6thWe participated in and won the prestigious 2021 Fred and Harriet Cox Senior Design Popular Choice Award for our design entry, the Mojave Rack.

Due to Covid, this year’s Fred and Harriet Cox Senior Design Competition once again took place virtually. Nonetheless, the number of entries were spectacular and the designs were stellar! This competition is a capstone event for UNLV engineering and computer science students. It challenges them to create practical solutions for real-world challenges.

A panel of over a dozen esteemed and highly qualified industry experts acted asjudges and graded entrants. Projects were graded on the criteria of innovation, commercial potential, presentation quality, and sustainability. The public was encouraged to participate by reviewing the various projects and casting their votes for Popular Choice. Popular choice is where Mojave Rack shone brightest and took First Place.

Cash prizes are given each year to winners in each category, including Popular Choice.

The Mojave Rack Team participants included Fatemeh Azari, MeherKouyoumdjian, Blake Mandernach, Thomas Marquis, Celina Osborne & Patrick Vasquez. Our Instructor Faculty Advisors are Dr. Melissa Morris, Dr. Brendan O’Toole, & Noah Malgeri.

The Mojave Rack is a unique, easy to operate design system that enables easy loading and unloading of bicycles, kayaks, storage bins, or other gear atop the roofs of vehicles, especially higher profile ones like SUVs. People no longer have to struggle, twist and contort themselves, and face impending danger in pursuit of the great outdoors or other passions. Current options in the marketplace for loading vehicle roof topsare few. And they are typically rigid, mounted options, almost like strapping a wooden pallet to your car. There is little thought paid to ease of loading and unloading. Problem solved with the innovative Mojave Rack!

The design of the Mojave Rack is relatively simple. Its curved geometry allows the movable rails of the rack to slide downward along the side of a vehicle. It does this without the use of hinges or joints. This is especially beneficial for users who lack abnormal height and/or strength often needed to reach and secure cargo on a vehicle rooftop.Additionally, it isreally easy to relocate the rack along the roof, so people can rest secure in the knowledge that the rack is mounted over the sturdiest support area. The rack is so universal, it can adapt tovirtually any vehicle and be used for a variety of equipment.

In 2015 the $3 million Fred and Harriet Cox Endowed Senior Design Fund was established to permanently help fund this bi-annual competition and awards banquet.

This year’s list of sponsors include:

Fred & Harriet Cox Senior Design Competition Endowment
Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) Managed and operated by Mission Support           and Test Services (MSTS)
Arcata Associates
Atkins Foundation
Cox Communications
Innova Technologies
Lockheed Martin
NV Energy
Mark and Carolyn Guidry Foundation
Steve and Susan Philpott
The Howe Foundation
Shrotriya Family Foundation
Selma Bartlett

About Mojave Rail Fabrication Limited:

Mojave Rail Fabrication Limited is a design and manufacturing new company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is well funded and about to revolutionize the roof rack industry. Recognizing the inherent difficulties and danger in using traditional roof racks, we invented a completely new and innovative design for automobiles and SUVs. It is unique and award winning. It is called the Mojave Rack. In addition to cutting edge design, the product is constructed with specialized aluminum that demands rigid tensile strength and yet flexibility. Originally started as an off shoot of a UNLV student design project, the vision has taken root and things are rapidly progressing from sketches to reality. Like and follow us on Facebook and join us on Instagram @mojaverail.

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